Ever-changing VACCINE schedules can be confusing for patients, providers and parents. Compounding this problem is the fact that immunization records are often scattered. Most children who are not appropriately immunized are only missing one or two doses. When records are fragmented between providers, parents, and hospitals, it is difficult to assess whether a baby is truly up-to-date or not. Many adolescents and adults are unaware that they need to supplement their childhood vaccinations.

CITYHOSPITAL statewide immunization registry, VACCINE ALERT, helps provide complete immunization information by making available:

- Immunization histories.

- Official immunization records for school, child care, HOSPITAL AND ADMINISTRATION.

- Notification by sms and email when an individual is due or overdue for an immunization.

Purpose of ALERT

ALERT is designed to track immunization information for those receiving immunizations anywhere in India.


- Allows health care providers across country to update and exchange immunization information about their patients in a secure and confidential manner.

- Assists healthcare providers to issue reminders to patients for pending immunizations.

- Assists healthcare providers to issue notices to patients with overdue immunizations.

Sources of Immunization Information

ALERT receives data from both the private and public health care sectors. Private providers submit Baby’s information to www.vaccinealert.in either himself or by doctor or requesting the doctor.

ALERT continually merges all of this data to create a complete immunization record.

How to Contact ALERT

For more information, contact CITYHOSPITAL VACCINEALERT staff at 0154-2461641 or via email at vaccinealert@cityhospital.in. You may also mail to the following address:


For more information, see Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About ALERT.